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Hi, I'm Shyamanuja Das. I help businesses explore ideas, markets, opportunities and create thought leadership.

Shyamanuja Das's Bio:

Shyamanuja Das is a research and consulting professional with proven expertise in business research & forecasting and thought leadership marketing, especially in technology and new economy areas. He helps start-ups, investors, and businesses explore and decide on new opportunities, by combining his deep insights into Indian ICT/Internet/media scenario and skills in business research, secondary research and public data analysis. His understanding of various communities in these areas and their needs help him create effective thought leadership marketing strategies.    A computer engineer by training, Shyamanuja spent close to 18 years in business journalism before turning to full-time research. Especially known for spotting trends, he predicted many business trends in Indian ICT including rise of offshore BPO and the second coming of e-commerce. He is credited with analyzing and estimating many ICT market segments and sub-segments in India for the first time.   His current interests include B2B marketing, new media, e-commerce, experimenting with newer methods in exploratory research, data journalism, financial inclusion and leveraging ICT for public services. He is also an active open data enthusiast and champions leveraging of open data by marketers and market research community. Presently, he works closely with JuxtConsult, one of India's top online market research firms.   Shyamanuja was one of the first Indian editors to practice and actively promote data journalism, well before the phrase became popular.   Through all his editorial assignments,he unequivocally championed the role of research-based content in business journalism. Under his editorship, Dataquest, India's oldest and largest IT magazine, broke new grounds in research-based content.    He has served as advisor and jury member in many government committees and industry bodies and frequently speaks at industry forums. He writes in media on technology, policy, open data, new media, marketing (esp content marketing & thought leadership marketing), consumer insight and sustainability. His other interests include musicology, poetics, Orissan culture and Vedantic philosophy. He writes a blog, Nothing to Declare, around these topics.   He can be reached on Twitter at @shyamanuja

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Business Research, Secondary Research, Open Data, Public Data Analysis, Thought Leadership Marketing, Content Marketing, Enterprise IT, Technology in Governance, Indian Musicology, ICT for Development, Vedanta, Odisha Culture, Odia Music

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